June 5, 2019

(These minutes will be corrected/approved at the next meeting)




      Carol Ivey, President 

      Chris White, Treasurer

      Steven Wehrman , Vice President  absent with notice

      George Chinakos, Director 

      Paul Gibson, Director absent with notice

Pam Halse, AMS Manager 


Meeting convened at 6:30 pm.



Homeowner attended, had concerns that AMS gets bids (yes), that certified arborist is vendor in tree trimming (yes), that tree-cutting and replacement is being monitored (yes), that CDs are FDIC insured (yes).



The minutes from last meeting were approved as submitted and will be posted on the AMS and Clearmeadows website.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Chris noted all is  as usual.


All the CDs are  now in one place and easily accessible. The board approved Carol to meet with Edward Jones to move the CD money out of Alliance over to Edward Jones and to ladder it quarterly in fairly evenly divided amounts and was done. Chris gets reports along with AMS.


A big thank you to Pam for extra effort on coordinating this transfer .



COLLECTIONS No new fines to be submitted to Vial Fotheringham as VF changed the contract agreement with no advance notice, and AMS is checking on the new collection attorney, Barker Martin, and hiring of same as approved provided subsequent conversation with AMS meets the understanding at the meeting.


The board appreciates architectural request information new since previous meeting reports.

In the meeting report, the board would like the compliance report after a tour consisting of only new reports with name, address, non-compliance issue, and which letter sent.

Chris is now also on the ARC committee and may approve electronically.


RESOLUTIONS: reviewed and approved so can be mailed to homeowners with annual assessment coupons as follows:


George moved to approve the Architectural Standards & Guidelines Resolution.  Chris seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


George moved to approve the Board Operations & Meeting Procedures Resolution, and Chris seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Pam to email  Carol a folder of approved resolutions with effective date to replace all currently posted resolutions for posting in one group on the Clearmeadows website by Smart-Skills.




Trees removed without city permits and AMS approval will be reported to the city forester for action, and non-compliance process will be implemented.  



The board unanimously approved the repair of two broken lateral pipes in the amount of $1,214.08.  The board approved the proposal to replace and to pay for two pop-up spray heads and nozzles and repair three broken areas of drip tubing for a total price of $130.62.


Proposal to repair an irrigation lateral damaged by a homeowner installation of new driveway for $2,807.02 is tabled for further information from the irrigation team and decision, if such is needed.  The lateral line provides irrigation to the island located on SE 181st Avenue and SE 22nd Street.   


The moss spray proposal and payment are approved for $246.07.


Pacific bid for tree trimming tabled for more bids to consider.


Pacific Bark dust payment approved for $5,083.96.



Steve informed Board he was in touch with and treated volunteers who were improving the city park. Thank you to Steve. He received an e-mail regarding timeline and details on improvements. 

Steve also reported that he applied for and received a mini grant to place dog waste stations in the park.  

Carol has found a volunteer who is willing to fill the dog bag and disposal station as required by the grant which is in the final process of grant approval



The second annual Clearmeadows Community garage sale is set for July 12, 13, 14.

As time allows, a sign may be purchased and posted on the 11th  indicating it is a neighborhood wide sale .



The revised website will allow us to increase communication with owners who would like to help and participate with park activities. 


Anyone interested in commenting on anything related to the community is encouraged to connect by going to the or and fill in the contact form listed on the left menu column.



Convened at 8 pm  Pam recorded decisions regarding leasing and non-compliance objections. 


Lot A102-01:  Board unanimously approved one-year hardship exemption and will review new application in one year.


Lot A229-01:  Board unanimously agreed that the next letter in the violation process should be sent to Owner.


Lot B222-02:  Until this Owner brings the violation into compliance, the Board cannot consider a fine waiver request. 


Meeting returned to general session at 8:50  


General meeting ended at 9:35pm.


Next meeting will be Wednesday , July 31.



Community fence.  As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it or plants damaging the boards.


Carol has asked Pacific to remove new bark dust off the community fence and prevent irrigation from spraying it which is causing staining.



Thank you to Kyle, Chris, Kevin, and Carol for putting out the signs as notice of meetings.