August 1, 2018

(These minutes will be corrected/approved at the next meeting)





·         Carol Ivey, President

·         Gary Moore, Director absent with notice

·         Chris White, Treasurer

·         George Chinakos, Director

·         Steven Wehrman , Vice President, absent with notice

·         Pam Halse, AMS rep for Clearmeadows


Meeting convened at 6:35pm.



A homeowner attended again this month and wants the association to do something about neighbor’s camera surveilling his backyard and blowing leaves into his yard and the street. The board provided information on limitations on HOA action and that it was neighbor-to-neighbor issues rather than non-compliance issues. 


Decision made that there will be an E-blast seasonally that tree debris disposal is the responsibility of each homeowner and the city rule is that leaves, branches, and seed pods

 must not to be deposited into the street which blocks storm drains.

 The sole homeowner left shortly thereafter.

Another homeowner visited for interest.



The minutes from June were approved as corrected and will be posted on the AMS and Clearmeadows website.






The pocket park was vandalized with graffiti and also the path to nowhere on the south side of Clearmeadows. It was approved that Carol would be reimbursed for spray paint to paint the bench, and to cover up the paint on the tar path, and gray to paint over the graffiti on the path fence and Carol volunteered to do the painting and has done the graffiti repeated on the path to the chain link south fence.




The collection resolution proposed by the attorney was analyzed and discussed.

The Board discussed and revised the Collections resolution.  Two more resolutions were approved for revision and mailing to homeowners in the notice of the Annual Meeting.



Chris reported nothing unusual in the financial reports. Chris will be going to Riverview to move the CDs to another bank for improved interest rates on CDs FDIC insured. Board approved the concept of keeping the investments local brick and mortar institutions.



The Clearmeadows annual garage sale signs were completed and Chris tendered the bill for reimbursement to Pam for $173.72. This was approved at the last meeting.


Pam reviewed the 2019 budget and it was passed unanimously. 


It was noted that the landscaper contract had a significant increase and Pam will make a request for at least two other bids. 





TREE ROOTS CUTTING The board wants the tree root cutting to help with lifting of sidewalks on 20th and 176th to be pursued and Carol will try to get on that project as promised with Pacific Landscape.



Trees removed without city permits and AMS approval will be reported the city forester for action.



Pacific Landscape contracts for the bio swale required by the city and aeration to improve absorption of irrigation water in the common areas were signed. Pacific is delayed due to the City backlog of permit requests.



To be continued--Steve is working on a picnic for the 4th next year.


Steve is researching the city park playground, tables, and a summer porta potty and dog bag dispensing and disposal.




The website will allow us to increase communication with owners who would like to help and participate with park activities or projects.


Anyone interested in commenting on anything related to the community is encouraged to connect by going to the or and fill in the contact form listed on the left menu column.


The Clearmeadows homeowners’ website is now functioning properly. Any problems noted need to go through Website to the board who will work with SmartSkill to correct any issues.

There will be future improvements, updates, posting of Minutes and maintenance each month expected to be between $25 and $50 a month. Some past homeowner’s suggestions are: better pictures, the ability to E blast information to homeowners, and FAQs, an “Angie” type list of vendors used by homeowners. E-blast is set up to get information out to homeowners signing up for such when homeowners send a message via

 Also planned is a survey system for question to gather homeowners’ opinions.


AMS has been asked to provide the e-mail addresses of homeowners who have given permission to receive community e-blasts.



No homeowners were in attendance and Pam noted decisions made on two hardship decisions.


Meeting ended at 8:55pm.


Next meeting will be Wednesday September 12 and is the annual Homeowner’s meeting to be followed by  regular meeting..



Community fence.  As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.


Thank you to Kyle, Chris, Kevin, and Carol for putting out the signs as notice of meetings.