April 25, 2018

(These minutes will be corrected/approved at the next meeting)





·         Carol Ivey, President

·         Gary Moore, Director absent with notice

·         Chris White, Treasurer

·         George Chinakos, Director attended by phone

·         Steven Wehrman , Vice President


Meeting convened at 6:35pm.



No homeowners attended.


NOTE: Gary is having difficulty scheduling the meetings.  Stephen will be named as vice president rather than Gary.



The MINUTES from March 14 were approved as corrected and will be posted on the Clearmeadows website.




The board approved contracting with Ms. Bagby for legal work. The initial request is for Pam, our AMS manager, to review all the resolutions and offer opinion for revisions needed, the initial request for services from Attorney Angie is reviewing the collections resolution and suggest revisions. Second will be the other resolutions as Pam sees is appropriate-- all to be completed in time to be included in the annual meeting notice which goes out in August to all homeowners.  Final Resolutions will be posted on the Clearmeadows and AMS website.



City required Bioswale upgrade proposals were reviewed.  Pam will be asked to locate referral contact on vendors.  The city Rep has agreed to meet with two board members for guidance on selecting a vendor.


Board approved proposal for moss control applications on all lawns.


Revised Procedure for tree removal—the homeowner needs to provide proof of the permit requested and granted by the city of Vancouver to remove a tree including requirement to replace it. Appropriate proofs would be and preferred is a copy of the completed permit Or an email from the city verifying that the permit including the permit number and information on replacement requirement from the city or a copy of both sides of the canceled check for five dollars with the permit number on it. Once AMS has that proof then AMC will send an approval for the homeowner’s files and AMS files.


Tree concerns and ownership:

The Park or Association strip of land at the SE corner of the city park.


The City Urban Forester inspected the tree due to homeowner concerns at C129-01 and said that the tree did not need to be removed.


 AMS is connecting with the County or City about deeded owner of that small strip once the model home.


Trees removed without city and HOA permits will be reported the city forester for action.



Steve is working on a picnic for the 4th.


Steve is researching the city park playground, tables, and a summer porta potty


Steve also reported that he applied for a mini-grant to place dog waste stations in the park. Steve will provide volunteers/hours to maintain the stations. The proposal was discussed and approved by the board.



The Garage sale is scheduled for Friday and Saturday June 22nd and 23rd. Time of open and closing and Sunday is up to each participating homeowner but may be started no earlier than at 8am. Budget is approved not to exceed $400 to purchase banners to be tied to the four entrance monuments and any other expenses.
We would like an E blast to go out that says “save the date for the Clearmeadows neighborhood garage sale on June 22, 23, and 24” soon and we will request another one closer to the date.



The revised website will allow us to increase communication with owners who would like to help and participate with park activities.


Anyone interested in commenting on anything related to the community is encouraged to connect by going to the or and fill in the contact form listed on the left menu column.


The Clearmeadows homeowners’ website is now functioning properly. Any problems noted need to go through Website to the board who will work with SmartSkill to correct any issues.

There will be future improvements, updates, posting of Minutes and maintenance each month expected to be between $25 and $50 a month. Some past homeowner’s suggestions are better pictures, the ability to E blast information to homeowners, and FAQs, an “Angie” type list of vendors used by homeowners. New suggestions are an E-blast set up to get information out to homeowners signing up for such and a survey system for question to gather homeowners’ opinions.


There will be an E blast going out from AMS informing the homeowners the problems were temporary and the website is managed by and for the Clearmeadows Homeowners and is up and running.


AMS will be asked to provide the e-mail addresses of homeowners who have given permission to receive community e-blasts.



Reserve studies are required for Associations to be funded for future expenses.

Board approved contracting with reserve study LLC for current future reserve studies and recommendations at a considerable savings. 


Brian Owens presented to the board and attending homeowners and the signed contract will be forwarded to AMS. Brian is working on legal ownership of private drives and the group mailboxes.



Chris is researching and choosing CD investments and the board agreed that Chris has authority and responsibility to move the CDs for a better interest rate but will keep the board members informed.




Decisions homeowner reviews requests:

B353-2: Board agreed to require the $1,000 fine for an unauthorized rental.


The board agreed that the home with the failed sale C314-02 which is an unauthorized rental can remain rented The $1,000 fine will be frozen and the listing may lapse but the home must be relisted no later than June 15 when schools are out and people are moving.


Executive session closed and Board meeting reopened at 8:50.  Carol will send action items to Pam via NOTES.


Meeting ended at 8:55pm.


Next meeting will be TUESDAY June 12.



Community fence.  As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.


Thank you to Kyle, Chris, Kevin, and Carol for putting out the signs as notice of meetings.