March 14, 2018

(These minutes will be corrected/approved at the next meeting)





·         Carol Ivey, President

·         Gary Moore, Vice President absent with notice

·         Chris White, Treasurer

·         George Chinakos, Director attended by phone

·         Steven Wehrman, Director


Meeting convened at 6:35pm.


Four homeowners attended.


Concerns discussed were park improvements, social events in the park, billing by TMG to new homeowners (Lori will call TMG) website, CD possibilities.



The minutes from the December 6th meeting were approved as provided.



The board approved contracting with Ms. Bagby for legal work. The initial request is to review the collections resolution and suggest revisions. The second request will be completion of all resolutions time to be included in the annual meeting notice which goes out in August to all homeowners.  Final Resolutions will be posted on the Clearmeadows and TMG website.



Board approved Pacific Landscape management's proposal for European crane fly control in all lawn areas for $229.81.



Owners expressed an interest in Easter egg hunt in the park. Steve reported that we are working towards that goal, unfortunately he was unable to organize the Easter activity this year.


Steve is working on a picnic for the 4th of July.


The revised website will allow us to increase communication with owners who would like to help and participate with park activities.


Anyone interested in commenting on anything related to the community is encouraged to connect by going to the or website and filling out the form listed on the left menu column.


Steve is researching the city park playground, tables, and a summer porta potty.


Steve also reported that he applied for a mini-grant to place dog waste stations in the park. Steve will provide volunteers/hours to maintain the stations. The proposal was discussed and approved by the board.




Board ratified the contract and billing for SmartSkill for $300 approved for renovating the  and website. An itemized statement will go to TMG at the end of the month. The Clearmeadows homeowners’ website is now functioning properly. Any problems noted need to go through website submission form. This form emails the members of the board who will work with SmartSkill to correct any issues. There will be future improvements, updates, posting of Minutes and maintenance each month expected to be between $25 and $50 a month. Some past homeowner’s suggestions are better pictures, the ability to e-blast information to homeowners, and FAQs, and an “Angie” type list of vendors used by homeowners.


The board and homeowners at the meeting disagreed with TMG's assessment of the "failed" website and the subsequent e-blast advising homeowners that the website was not useable.


There will be an E blast going out from TMG informing the homeowners the problems were temporary and the website is managed by and for the Clearmeadows 

homeowners and is up and running.




Reserve studies are required for Associations to be funded for future expenses.

The Board approved contracting with reserve study LLC for current future reserve studies and recommendations at a considerable savings. 


Brian Owens presented to the board. Attending homeowners and the signed contract will be forwarded to TMG. The board did not feel the discussion was confidential so it was not done in executive session.




Two CDs are maturing, one for 18 months one for 6 months. The board agreed to let them roll over or move the money into the savings account but look into moving the money to higher interest rate CDs in brick and mortar local establishments. The board agreed that Chris White has authority and responsibility to move the CDs for a better interest rate but will keep the board members informed.




Tree concerns and ownership:

The Park or Association strip of land at the SE corner of the city park.


The City Urban Forester inspected the tree due to homeowner concerns at C129-01 and said that the tree did not need to be removed. TMG is connecting with the County or City about deeded owner of that small strip once the model home.


Board approved proposal for moss control applications on all lawns.




Bio swale bids: They were difficult to compare and the board is requesting TMG to ask for details so the board can adequately compare the bids, specifically how much of all components such as rock, soil, sod, and hours of labor. The proposals should also include the following language "the site will be restored to previous condition including lawn, irrigation, shrubbery, walkway, railings, and bench."




Decisions homeowner reviews requests:

B353-2: Board agreed to delay the $1,000 fine for an unauthorized rental and watch that the home does go up for sale soon and that there are no tenants. 


The board agreed that the home with the failed sale C314-02, which is an unauthorized rental, can remain rented. The $1,000 fine will be frozen and the listing may lapse but the home must be relisted when the market is better. Timing being close to when schools are out and people are moving.


Executive session closed and Board meeting reopened at 8:50pm.  Carol will send action items to TMG.


Meeting closed at 8:55pm.


Next meeting request has been sent.



Community fence.  As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified and asked to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.


Thank you to Kyle, Chris, Kevin, and Carol for putting out the signs as notice of meetings.