February 7, 2018

Meeting notes:

Three board members were unable to attend so there was no quorum and no decisions.

Attorney Angie Bagby presented data and a portfolio of five pages and hiring her as the community association attorney will be voted on at the next meeting.

Discussed was the suggested process to improve the resolutions which are outdated.

Pam of TMG will go through them and then with board approval they will go to attorney Bagby for approval/changes for distribution with the annual meeting notice in August.

One homeowner attended who is very interested in the Board process as a new homeowner. He didn't feel he received the CCRs at closing but does remember a disk which is likely to contain the CCRs. This may be why many homeowners feel they did not get a copy of the CCR's at closing on their new home.

A reserve study manager is going to present his company proposal for the board to approve hiring him at lower bid than the current provider.

Chris will be providing ecessary financial data for the last two meetings March 14 ,2018.

The three bids will be part of the next meeting agenda for the city required improvement of the pocket park sale which is not functioning correctly.

The next meeting will be March 14.