December 6, 2017 Members present:

Carol Ivey, President Gary Moore, Director
Chris White, Director absent George Chinakos, Director
Steven Wehrman appointed to fifth board position
Meeting convened at 6: 31:
No homeowners attended

Minutes were approved as provided.

Treaurer's report set over until the next meeting. Discussed:
Pocket Park bio swale required to be re-done and vendors will provide bids. Two Board members and city rep will meet as schedules mesh to be set up by TMG. The work cannot be started until the spring rains end.

Pacific Landscape- proposals provided for fertilization of roots for $2,373.96 was not approved. Proposal for crane fly and moss application for $216.80 was approved.

Hardship requests were reviewed. The information presented for A250-03 was approved and will be tracked annually. The request from B253-02 has gone to the next step in the violation process, and C314-02 will be discussed at the next Board meeting. This Owner will continue to keep the home on the market for sale.

TMG notes work needed on the Community website and Carol will contact the volunteer webmaster as time and schedule allows.

Documents provided by TMG needing signatures for the bank, and tax audit. Carol will get signatures and mail to TMG.
Reserve study-decision made to hire a different reserve study company. TMG to arrange for a presentation at a meeting soon.
Attorney-the Board decided to engage an attorney at a per hour contract as the former attorney has ended his service.
TMG will arrange for the new attorney to attend a meeting soon. The resolutions need updating, and they should be ready to go out in a full homeowner mailing, perhaps with the annual meeting notice in August.
Stephen provided information he got from discussions with the city park representative about changes and improvements to the Clearmeadows city park. TMG provided information in an e- blast. If homeowners signed up to get information, they received it. If not, homeowners may contact TMG to have their e-address added to the group mailing.
Stephen also produced a draft flyer on proposed Easter party in the park and a homeowner is willing to help with the planning and organization. Final plans to be on the agenda for the February 7th meeting and updated information will be put out on e-mail by TMG.
The regular Board meeting ended at 8:00

Ongoing needs and ideas: to serve as a reminder of procedures and homeowner suggestions: Non-compliance letters are sent out upon non-compliance tours and when the homeowners report an issue and it is verified by a board member. The Board will let TMG know if they want to see a report on non-compliance in the meeting agenda report. Otherwise, it may be seen by the Board members by going to the TMG site regarding Clearmeadows.

THANK YOU to the four homeowners who handle putting out the meeting notice signs.

Community fence.
As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.