followed by regular BOARD MEETING
September 20, 2017

Members present:

Carol Ivey, President
Gary Moore, Director
George Chinakos, Director 
Chris White, Director
One Director position is vacant

Also present: Pam Halse TMG manager

Meeting convened at 6: 31:
Five homeowners attended

79 homeowners represented in person or by proxy.    Quorum was not met.  The second annual meeting will be at 7 pm on October 18, 2017.

At that meeting the budget will be ratified, and two board members may be appointed.

Homeowners encouraged to use the community web site:
for comments, reporting, complaints or suggestions which go to both the Board and TMG.

TMG will put out an e-blast giving both the TMG web site and the Community web site data.  Anyone having difficulty signing up for e-blasts or getting to the TMG website should call TMG at ____ for help.

President report--items discussed--required reserve study indicates the HOA is in good financial condition, the improvements by the city in the park, problems with fence cleaning, damage to the fence from irrigation and cleaning, landscape issues of the short monuments being obscured by plantings chosen by Pacific Landscape and what other choices might be made and communication methods with TMG and Board members.

 Homeowner input:   Questions on the service provided by TMG specifically office supplies, Pam responded. 
One homeowner is going to investigate the possibility of an Easter egg hunt in the city park.
The annual garage sale was discussed and tentative date chosen of late June 2018 , and proposal to buy a banner to be used each year indicating “Clearmeadows Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale” to be put at entrances to be discussed at a future bord meeting..
Another homeowner is going to check on how to have input to expanding businesses and traffic routing Another is going to check on how the park might be improved with more plantings and trees and will check with Friends of Trees and the city park department.
Another homeowner volunteered to check on producing a digital newsletter(and brought homemade cookies to share).
Having an off-leash dog play area was discussed with conclusion the park is too small.
It was suggested homeowners call the city parks department about the thistles and the condition of the playground and the renewal of the cedar chips for the safety of the children. 
There was discussion of a port-potty for the sports teams and the children who use the park for sanitation and comfort of park users.
Attending homeowners were given information on FLEANA, (the neighborhood association which Clearmeadows is a part of)  Friends of Trees, tree removal requirements, the Clearmeadows.Org benefits such as a non-compliance notice form to go to TMG which is copied to the Board, the forms and information posted there.
Suggestions were made for the  newsletter, blog, contractor/handymen reviews
A homeowner and son agree to place the notice of meeting sign and Gary will deliver the sign and lock to that homeowner.
There was interest on how to encourage more homeowners to participate as the meeting was very energetic with comments, brainstorming and information sharing and volunteer offers.


Regular meeting convened at 8:00 pm. 

Gary will contact the fence cleaner contractor about an invoice for TMG.

Homeowners and board members called the City about the thistles in the playground which limits the comfort of kids playing there as the thistle are sharp.  The city did spray the thistles which left them to dry and be problematic for over a week.

Carol called the City about the safety condition of the City park playground.

The first Cleameadows annual neighborhood garage sale August 18 and 19 and was a success. 


Executive meeting: Called to order at 8:15 pm.

Fine waiver request approved because ARC request had been approved a year ago and dropped off the file.  Fine waived if the yard work is done by May 2018 at the latest. 

The homeowner with the unapproved rental has put the home up for sale and will be asked to provide comps and sale data, but appears to be in compliance and fine is frozen and will be waived upon sale.

The Executive Board meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm and the regular board meeting ended   at 8:40.
NEXT MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR October 18 2017 at 7 pm and is the second annual homeowners’ meeting.

Pam will attend the meeting to answer questions and tally new proxies.

Ongoing needs and ideas: to serve as a reminder of procedures and homeowner suggestions:
Non-compliance letters are sent out upon non-compliance tours and when the homeowners report an issue and it is verified by a board member. The Board will let TMG know if they want to see a report on non-compliance in the meeting agenda report.  Otherwise, it may be seen by the Board members by going to the TMG site regarding Clearmeadows.

Community fence  As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.