July 19, 2017

Members present:

Carol Ivey, President
Gary Moore, Director
George Chinakos, Director 
Chris White, Director
One Director position is vacant

Also present: Pam Halse TMG manager

Regular meeting convened at 6: 45 (firetruck out on call so the door was locked)

Homeowner input, limited to 3 minutes each; total of 15 minutes of meeting time.
No homeowners attended.

Homeowners encouraged to use the community web site [] for comments, reporting, complaints or suggestions which go to the Board and TMG.

NOTE:  Anonymous E-mail inquiries cannot be handled. Homeowners should feel comfortable voicing their opinions directly to TMG by phone or mail. Courteous requests preferred.

Reading of the Minutes
For previous meeting was waived.  The Minutes were accepted as submitted.
Business attended to:  

Gary is the contact for the fence washer contractor and Gary has a call in about the quality of the job done.

Homeowners and board members called the City about the thistles in the playground which limits the comfort of kids playing there as the thistle are sharp.  The city did spray the thistles which left them to dry and be problematic for over a week. 

Carol will call the City about the safety condition of the City park playground.

The first Cleameadows annual neighborhood garage sale is set for August 18 and 19.  Carol will handle signage from 164th to all 4 entrances via 20th and 34th streets.  An e-blast will go out to those who have requested that service from TMG.

Discussed: Are the homeowners with backyards and garages on the two alleys required to be maintained as front yards or are they not because they cannot be seen from the street. Tour will include them to assess condition of visible parts of back yard from the alleys. No conclusion reached. Compliance is requested in the cases of conditions viewable from the public streets or doing damage such as bushes extending into the driving are.

Financials discussion:

Financials were reviewed.  Pam presented a draft of the 2018 proposed budget to be approved at the annual homeowner meeting on September 13.

Board approved payment of $368.56   to Executive Care for staining of the replaced fence sections on 176 th  and  20th .

Insurance was reviewed and the changes and savings with equal protection.

Architectural Requests
ARC approvals were reviewed by the Board.
Pam has explained that failure to submit an ARC for changes can result in a violation and subsequent fines. If changes are made that cannot be approved, those changes may be required to be reversed.

Delinquency Report review:
Vial Fotheringham (hereafter referred to as VF) is given list of delinquencies to review for collection. Reports will be provided to Board members as requested for review and are available on the TMG website for review if Board members want to look at it.
Landscape status and proposals:
Pacific Landscape replaced new bushes which died for lack of irrigation available and put in boulders at no additional cost. Board approved payment of the original cost of $173.44


Executive meeting:
Called to order at 7:30 pm.

  B315 -Approved VF request to delete previous collection by former agency to enable collection on current debt.

B312-Fine waiver approved as due to miscommunication.

B___  - Homeowner will be asked by TMG to clarify occupancy of the home in writing.

Pam will inform homeowners of decisions on homeowner requests.
Executive meeting ended at 8:00.

The Board meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
NEXT MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR September 13 and is the annual homeowners’ meeting.
Pam will attend the meeting to answer questions and tally proxies.

Ongoing needs and ideas: to serve as a reminder of procedures and homeowner suggestions:
Non-compliance letters are sent out upon non-compliance tours and when the homeowners report an issue and it is verified by a board member. The Board will let TMG know if they want to see a report on non-compliance in the meeting agenda report.  Otherwise, it may be seen by the Board members by going to the TMG site regarding Clearmeadows.

Community fence: As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.

Signs handling: (put out, pick up, store) needs new volunteers.  We thank the one homeowner who is handling one of the signs.  Three more are needed to provide sign handling to meet requirements for public notice. ANY