April 19, 2017

Members present:

Carol Ivey, President
Gary Moore, Director
George Chinakos, Director
Chris White, Director
Pam Halse, our TMG manger
One Director position is vacant

 Regular meeting convened at 6: 30.

Homeowner input, limited to 3 minutes each; total of 15 minutes of meeting time.

One homeowner attended for general interest.

Homeowners encouraged to use the community web site [] for comments, reporting, complaints or suggestions which go to the Board and TMG.

NOTE:  Anonymous E-mail inquiries cannot be handled. Homeowners should feel comfortable voicing their opinions directly to TMG by phone or mail. Courteous requests preferred.

Reading of the Minutes
For previous meeting was waived.  The Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Business attended to:

Community fence  needs washing this year. Board decided May or June assuming rains hopefully lighten up meaning less mud will splash up onto the fence would be a good time.  Gary is the contact for the fence washer contractor.

Party in the park for the 4th of July.  Community interest is limited as far as volunteers AND an experienced coordinator of such evens.  Perhaps this first year, a homeowner potluck would be easier.

An off-leash dog park fenced area of the city park was discussed.  Carol will contact the homeowner who is on the Board of the Neighborhood Association for Fishers Landing to see if she has any insights.


Financials discussion:

TMG provided a comparison between three insurance coverage bids as requested by a Board member. The Board voted to switch to Riverport Insurance saving $1,698. It is A rated and the only difference is no environmental pollution coverage.

TMG provided the 2016 financial reports which were reviewed.

Board requested clarification of reasoning for TMG contract providing that TMG receive 50% of late fees and if TMG is  also paid for sending the notices about the late fees to homeowners.

TMG provided 8 pages of the status of every homeowners accounting. No action required.

Board reviewed bank statement for March. Board noted a missing invoice from Pacific Landscape which will be in the next month’s bank statement.

Per TMG accountant advice, 100k was moved from the monthly operating account to a CD or 11 months at 1.% with Alliance Association Bank which is the Clearmeadows bank.
Signboard inserts for the meeting announcement signs completed and Board member has been reimbursed.

Executive Care paid  $4,286.14 for removal and repairs due to tree downed by storm on 180th, repair of fence from car accident on 20th, and moving a section of fence back from the electric utility box as required by the city. Thanks to Marc for job well done, with quick turnaround and in snow storms.

The stump was ground down and invoice submitted for $130 plus tax by Rich’s Stump Grinding.

Person who damaged the fence on 20th Street was been sent a bill for repair and the claim has been paid by their insurance.

Architectural Requests

Three approvals were reviewed by the Board.
Pam explained that failure to submit an ARC for changes can result in a violation and subsequent fines. If changes are made that cannot be approved, those changes may be required to be  reversed.

Delinquency Report review:
Vial Fortherinham (hereafter referred to as VF) is given list of delinquencies to review for collection. Reports will be provided to Board members as requested for review and are available on the TMG website for review if Board members want to look at it.
Landscape status and proposals:
Pacific Landscape proposal for bark dust at $2,818.40 and moss control in lawn areas at $190.21 approved.


Executive meeting:
Called to order at 7:30 pm.
Procedure discussed for hardship rental regarding policy on relative living in the furnished resident’s home and assisted living residency which may be temporary. Pam to communicate with the homeowner and family member to get more information.

 Executive meeting ended at 8:15.

There is one hardship to expire 5/11/2017.

The Board meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

NEXT MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR June 14 contingent upon space available.
Discussion to include analysis of TMG contract.  Pam will attend the July meeting( 26th?) to answer questions and also the August meeting for preparation for the annual meeting in September.

Ongoing needs and ideas: to serve as a reminder of procedures and homeowner suggestions:
Non-compliance letters are sent out upon non-compliance tours and when the homeowners report an issue and it is verified by a board member. The Board will let TMG know if they want to see a report on non-compliance in the meeting agenda report.  Otherwise, it may be seen by the Board members by going to the TMG site regarding Clearmeadows.

TMG will provide the meeting packet by e-mail and by regular mail to be received at least by the Friday prior to a meeting to give board members time to review it and check on issues during the week-end.

TMG will do e-mail blasts to homeowners requesting e-mail notices about various seasonal or events like not putting leaves into city streets and keeping the drains free of leaves to avoid flooding, placing refuse containers so that the sidewalk is available for pedestrians, remove holiday decorations on schedule, etc.

Paint Palate: Board is still considering developing a professional palate of paint colors to simplify ARC requests for both the Board and the homeowner.

Postcards commenting on exceptionally well kept yards. Some have been sent and several comments of appreciation were received. Homeowners may use the website to suggest recipients.

Blog suggestion: Homeowner interest in developing a communication means via the internet to provide a way for homeowners to get acquainted and share ideas and issues.

WEB site addition; Homeowner comments on vendors they have used and how they felt about the quality of the work, maybe some helpful hints.  The Board would not be recommending them but it could save some homeowners’ time and effort in doing all the research to find a vendor who does a good job. 

FAQ’s on the WEB site.  For example, a homeowner was surprised that homeowners are responsible for the lifting sidewalks in front of their homes even though they belong to the city.  Homeowner suggested those who have signed up for e-mail notifications could get that information.  The city cites for sidewalks in dangerous condition.

Community fence: As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.


Signs handling: (put out, pick up, store) needs new volunteers.  We thank the one homeowner who is handling one of the signs.  Three more are needed to provide sign handling to meet requirements for public notice. ANY VOLUNTEERS?