January 25, 2017

Members present:

Carol Ivey, President
Gary Moore, Director
George Chinakos, Director Absent with notice
Chris White, Director
One Director position is vacant

 Regular meeting convened at 6: 50.

Homeowner input, limited to 3 minutes each; total of 15 minutes of meeting time.

No homeowners attended.

Message received about street parking and TMG explained the Association has no control, that the concerned homeowner calling the city is the appropriate action.

Homeowner complained of closing costs that were not correct.  TMG will investigate and report findings to the Board.

Reading of the Minutes
For previous meeting was waived.  The Minutes were accepted as submitted.


Business attended to:
Non-compliance letters are sent out upon non-compliance tours and when the homeowners report an issue and it is verified by a board member. The Board will let TMG know if they want to see a report on non-compliance in the meeting agenda report.  It can be seen by the Board members by going to the TMG site regarding Clearmeadows.

TMG will provide the meeting packet by e-mail and by  regular mail to be received at least by the Friday prior to a meeting to give board members time to review it and check on issues.

TMG will do e-mail blasts to homeowners requesting such about not putting leaves into city streets and keeping the drains free of leaves to avoid flooding, placing refuse containers so that the sidewalk is available for pedestrians, remove holiday decorations on schedule, etc.

The Board needs only the financial reports to do with decisions needed to be made on hardship requests, payment agreements, settlement proposals, or accounts VF wishes reviewed by the board.  The full report is available to the Board on the TMG website regarding Clearmeadows.

At the January meeting the Board reviewed hardship requests on record to see if they are being appropriately renewed or have appropriately closed or remedial action has been taken. One reviewed previously and fines were to be assessed.


Chris has agreed to take the lead on investigating ownership and liability of private drives and any repairs that may need to be done which would include any damage to sidewalks, problem trees, etc. Presently there are possibly six which are homeowner owned and two which appear to be county property.


Ownership of a strip of property opposite the city park on 182nd avenue at SE 23rd corner is being reviewed.  The Board agreed to credit homeowner one quarter assessment to provide water to the strip which was once or is part of the city park and the city does not irrigate park property anymore. UPDATE; The City is refurbishing the irrigation system and plans to water the park again in the spring.  The owner of the strip of property is talking to the City about resolution of ownership and maintenance of the front of his property. If the park begins watering the park and that strip has linked irrigation, maybe it is part of the county park.  A 1994 plat map which is prior to the developer deeding the park over to the city indicates it is CM community property. Back story is that was a model home and the strip was intended for signage or other community uses.

Community fence will need washing this year-Board decided April after the rains hopefully lighten up meaning less mud will splash up onto the fence would be a good time.  Gary is the contact for the fence washer contractor.

Financials discussion:
Financial reports and bank statements for the months after the last meeting will be included in the meeting packet which comes on email and in the mail before the week-end prior to the meeting  giving board members time to review prior to the meeting. September October and November statements were reviewed.

TMG provided chart of increased fees but the monthly fee remains the same.

Riverview funds reviewed and Board will find out of there are better rates for the savings account amount of about 50k.

Board approved up to $100 for improved laminate signboard inserts for the meeting announcement signs. Carol to deal with this item as time allows.

Past overlooked Pacific Landscape billing for $224.90 has been approved for payment.

Delinquency Report review:
Vial Fortherinham (hereafter referred to as VF) is given list of delinquencies to review for collection. Reports will be provided to Board members as requested for review and are available on the TMG website for review if Board members want to look at it.
Homeowners encouraged to use the community web site [] for comments, reporting, complaints or suggestions which go to the Board and TMG.

NOTE:  Anonymous E-mail inquiries cannot be handled. Homeowners should feel comfortable voicing their opinions directly to TMG by phone or mail. Courteous requests preferred.


Landscape status and proposals:
Pacific Landscape proposal for crane fly  and moss control for $210.30 approved by Board.

Executive meeting: One fine adjustment request and one payoff offer reviewed. TMG will be asked to inform homeowners of decision.

One hardship approval request has expired and TMG will start the notice and fine process.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.



Ongoing needs and Ideas: to serve as a reminder of possible projects;

Paint Palate: Board is still considering developing a professional palate of paint colors to simplify ARC requests for both the Board and the homeowner.

Postcards commenting on exceptionally well kept yards. Some have been sent and several comments of appreciation were received. Homeowners may use the website to suggest recipients.

Blog suggestion: Homeowner interest in developing a communication means via the internet to provide a way for homeowners to get acquainted and share ideas and issues.

WEB site addition; Homeowner comments on vendors they have used and how they felt about the quality of the work, maybe some helpful hints.  The Board would not be recommending them but it could save some homeowners’ time and effort in doing all the research to find a vendor who does a good job. 

FAQ’s on the WEB site.  For example, a homeowner was surprised that homeowners are responsible for the lifting sidewalks in front of their homes even though they belong to the city.  Homeowner suggested those who have signed up for e-mail notifications could get that information.  The city cites for sidewalks in dangerous condition.

Community fence: As volunteer time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.

Signs handling: (put out, pick up, store) needs new volunteers.  We thank the one homeowner who is handling one of the signs.  Three more are needed to provide sign handling to meet requirements for public notice. ANY VOLUNTEERS?