June 6, 2013

Members present:

Carol Ivey, President

Jon Bennett, Director

Gary Moore, Director

Absent with notice Duane Vincent, Secretary/Treasurer

Vacant-5th Director board position

Regular meeting convened at 6:30

Homeowner Forum: (3 minutes each homeowner but limited to 15 minutes of meeting time.  Board members are volunteers with limited time to contribute and we try to release the room by 8:30).

Homeowner wanted and got confirmation that lawns may go dormant during July and August provided they are in good condition prior to those two months.  

Homeowner provided data indicating possible unapproved rentals and offered to help end the possible practice of investment rentals which are against the CCR’s. Discussion was held with a plan to try to eliminate and avoid investment rentals by way, as a start, of letters to those with an address other than the home indicating the process and fine of $1,000.

Homeowner related that the City has been inspecting and sent a warning of a fine of $250 to homeowners damaging or removing trees without permits.  Homeowner suggests that the ARC form add “and tree” in the line indicating the homeowner is responsible for getting any required permits for any ARC requested work.

Homeowner attended and volunteered to fill the vacant board seat.


Reading of the Minutes for April, 2013 waived.  The Minutes accepted as submitted.

Duane Vincent Treasurer’s  report

The following report discussion was suspended until the next meeting when the treasurer will attend.

Treasurer's report - meeting of June 6, 2013

Our balances include monies that have been collected as advance payments by homeowners through April 30, 2013.

Our US Bank Money Market Restricted Reserve Fund has $ 89105.71 as of April 30, 2013.

Our Riverview Bank CD deposits are in the amount of $150,000.00.

The ending balance of Clearmeadows Community Association operations checking account with US Bank was $ 68981.16 as of April 30, 2013.

The following activity information is available for our operations checking account since the last report:































With regard to collection of delinquent accounts: Clearmeadows Community Association is currently owed $42,000 in accounts overdue more than 90 days.  This reflects the general state of the national economy, which has not yet recovered from the recession.  Many of the homes in our community are burdened with mortgages that exceed the current value of the residences.

In accordance with resolutions adopted by the Board and distributed to every homeowner, every homeowner in arrears of more than $500.00 has either paid off the amount demanded, been placed on a payment plan or been sent to collections.  Currently, a few homeowners are on approved payment plans and are paying as agreed; 2 have been charged off to bad debts as being uncollectible; and 20 homeowners' accounts are at a collection agency.  Of the homeowners placed on approved payment plans, the outstanding balances have decreased from a total of $3700 on October 31st to $1658.34 as of March 31st.  We are receiving other funds through the collection process now in place.

During the month of April, three homeowners whose outstanding balances exceeded $500.00 were referred for possible collection efforts by our attorneys.  This includes one homeowner who did not adhere to a previously approved payment plan.  Failure to comply with a previously approved payment plan removes the possibility of that homeowner being ever offered a payment plan in the future.

Letters of request were sent in mid-February to 16 homeowners in arrears between $200.00-$499.00 (excludes those on approved payment plans or in the collection process) asking that the arrears be promptly attended to.  That, along with collection efforts currently in progress, should see a sizeable reduction in our delinquency amounts outstanding.  We have received more than $520.00 through these letters.

The funds in all of our accounts at both US Bank and Riverview Community Bank are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane L. Vincent


ARC report Carol


18506 SE 24th St.—painting house mailed 6/7/13

18502 SE 24th St.—fence-mailed 4/27/13

2401 se 179th Ct.—fence-mailed 5/13/13

17909 SE 24th St. --- fence-mailed 5/13/13

2402 SE 180th Court-- fence-mailed 5/13/13

17907 SE 24th Street--- fence-mailed 5/13/13

17604 SE 24th Circle---hedge removal & roof-mailed 5/25/13

18214 SE 22nd St.--..tree removal and replace-mailed 5/24/13

18307 SE 24th Way—landscaping-mailed 5/25/13

Delinquency Report review:

Vial Fortherinham (hereafter referred to as VF) has been given list of delinquencies to review for collection. There has been good response and positive results.

Maintenance and repairs:.

Fence replacement:  Board needs more detail on the generally acceptable bid to replace the community owned fence on 20th between 176th Avenue to and include  180th ingress and egress.  Carol will set up a meeting for the Board or for a committee to address remaining questions.  

Walk through to be set up with John of Safer Sidewalks for grinding of high places on 20th along the community fence.

Board approved proposal from Quick-n-Clean pressure washing to provide the annual fence washing along 20th street from the corner of 176th to the end of the community fence which is the green utility box east of entrance on 184th  and both ingress egress on 180th/184th Avenue in the amount of $725.00.

Determination if more community street trees are in need of removal and replacement.  City Forrester will be contacted for opinion on both community and homeowner street trees.

Old Business

Community fence: As time permits, homeowners will be notified to correct issues on their side of the community fence regarding rotting boards and fence pushing out onto sidewalk area due to soil, vegetation, and rocks being placed against it.

Signs handling: (put out, pick up, store) needs new volunteers.  We thank the one homeowner who is handling one of the signs and the board members adding to their time to handle the other three signs. .  Requested that other homeowners help  to provide sign handling to meet requirements for public notice. ANY VOLUNTEERS?

New Business:

Board approved TMG to send Carol a check made out to USPS for 100 first class stamps for the purpose of mailing out ARC requests to homeowners.

July meeting work plans for TMG, new resolutions to go in August with annual meeting notice, refine fence guidelines to indicate street side should be neighbor friendly, and tree replacement needs in original sites.

Pacific submitted a proposal to do aeration on all turf which includes the monuments grassed areas and the pocket park.  Proposal was approved upon Erik’s of Pacific professional opinion that such aeration will keep the grass areas healthy and improve water absorption. The amount is $194.00 plus tax.

TMG issues-Suggested policy is that ARCS do not come in meeting packet.  Any arc not approved may indicate it was lost and TMG to ask Carol of ARC committee the status.  The one in packet was approved and mailed 5/24/2013.

Reminder of policy-if a homeowner makes a request or responds to a non-compliance letter, the board will be copied when it is received by TMG, not left to time of meeting packet printing and mailing.

Review of CCR’s regarding homeowner request for a community wide garage sale shows that garage sales are not forbidden as the Board believed but may be done with permission.  The Board approves such sales as it is common practice and requested by homeowners.

Discussion held leading to question to TMG. Is it up to the board members to investigate the CCR rulings on every issue, such as rule on garage sales, or is TMG the professionals in charge of providing analysis to prevent the Board from incorrect actions?

Discussion leading to question to TMG.  If a homeowner asks why a yard is not meeting standards, is the reply given that the only policy provided by CCRs and permitted by law is followed which is letters, fines, and eventually collections”?

Board to discuss further action on political signs in yards between elections.

Ongoing needs and Ideas:

To serve as a reminder if there is time or homeowner interest in helping in any way.

Postcards: commenting on exceptionally well kept yards. Put addresses in minutes?

Blog suggestion: Homeowner interest in developing a communication means via the internet to provide a way for homeowners to get acquainted and share ideas and issues. Find NH blog for larger area?

WEB site addition: Homeowner comments on vendors they have used and how they felt about the quality of the work, maybe some helpful hints.  The Board would not be recommending them but it could save some homeowners’ time and effort in doing all the research to find a vendor who does a good job

FAQ’s on the WEB site:  For example, a homeowner was surprised that homeowners are responsible for the lifting sidewalks in front of their homes even though they belong to the city.  Homeowner suggested those who have signed up for e-mail notifications could get that information.  The city cites for sidewalks in dangerous condition. Webmaster to be contacted about possibility of a Frequently Asked Questions section

Executive meeting

No issues on the agenda


Next meeting

Thursday, July 18, 2013, same place and time. Michelle and Lynda of TMG to attend to help with annual meeting details and contract and budget analysis.

Adjourned 8:45