March 1, 2012

Meeting called to order by Board President Carol Ivey at 6:30 pm

Other members present:
Jon Bennett, Director
Gary Moore, Director
Duane Vincent, Secretary/Treasurer

Vacant-5th Director board position

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Carol Ivey, President

Homeowners attended and discussion was held regarding collections and accounting practices. Concern heard regarding the value of bark nuggets being put on humped up tree wells and would it end up on the sidewalk.  Pacific Landscaped will be consulted. Homeowner requested that Pacific Landscape be asked to mow the pocket park per their contract stating mowing begins in February and to remove branches in the landscaping at both sides of entrance on SE 180th, 184th and the Clearmeadows side of 176th Avenue. An e-mail will be sent to Eric.

Reading of the Minutes for January 26, 2012 were waived.  The Minutes were accepted as submitted.


Treasurer’s report read and accepted as follows:

 Treasurer's report - meeting of March 01, 2012

Collection efforts of funds due Clearmeadows Community Association by homeowners whose arrears are in excess of $500.00 are in process.  There are certain procedures that according to law must be followed prior to involving a collection agency, and these are being strictly adhered to.
Tonight’s presentation by a collection agency may result in turning over all remaining homeowner accounts in arrears more than $500.00. 

Our balances include monies that have been collected as advance payments by homeowners through January 31, 2012.

Our US Bank Money Market Restricted Reserve Fund has $164,323.37 as of January 31, 2012.

The ending balance of Clearmeadows Community Association operations checking account with US Bank was $66,807.94 as of January 31, 2012.

Duane L. Vincent

Secretary/Treasurer Duane Vincent provided the board with an analysis of costs incurred by Clearmeadows Community Association and paid to TMG during the year 2011.  His findings were that all charges were legitimate and appropriate to the functions of the homeowners' association.


ARC Committee report-Carol

2416 SE 183rd Loop -- Revision of front yard install stone patio.
18307 SE 24th Way – Back roof solar panels.
17902 SE 20th Way -- Extend arborvitae hedge


Chris Rader of Quick Collection Inc. presented how their organization manages collections. The Board approved turning over current delinquent accounts once Chris has agreed to take the job.

TMG has provided a Relief Waiver form which the board approves.  The purpose is to provide consistent and necessary information and for efficient filing in the TMG records fines and fees relief. Board will review all requests at executive meetings.

Letter to home owners reviewed, revised, and approved and will be mailed to all homeowners in March along with updated helpful information for homeowners including revised resolution, guidelines, and balance sheet for 2011.


Maintenance and repairs:

Sidewalk Committee: Randy of the city met with the Sidewalk Committee for specific instructions on the sidewalk problems between the HP fence north to the corner of SE 20th street on 176th Avenue to be scheduled for 2012. A vender has been contacted and will meet to prepare a proposal.

Bark dust proposal:  Board approved the $2520.00 for bark nuggets applied per map and proposal provided by Pacific Landscape.


Old Business

The news letter and selling advertising to defray costs were discussed.  Two business people agree they would pay to be included in the newsletter if and when it is created.  All in favor but time demands precluded any firm plans. Subject tabled for further discussion.

Debra Hentz, a Board member at Heritage would like to get Fisher’s Landing Neighborhood association started again as neighborhood associations are recognized by the city and there are benefits given to them such as grant funds for traffic revisions, leaf disposal, etc.  Is anyone interested from Clearmeadows on joining her to activate the Neighborhood Association again?

New Business

Homeowner was invited to provide information, analysis, and share her skills with accepted accounting practices.  Treasurer compared her information, reports provided by TMG and talked to TMG accounting office to provide detailed analysis of each check expenditure.  The current Treasurer requests and receives a copy of the monthly bank statement and verifies payee and amount and asks for breakdown if it isn’t clear. Homeowner is concerned that checks were written for TMG reimbursements for multiple expenditures and not assigned to specific line items and homeowner couldn’t find record of some check numbers.  The Board is interested in more training and a better understanding of TMG reporting. A future meeting agenda item will be planned for the homeowner, the board, and TMG accounting representative so all can understand the process.  This will be one of the quarterly meetings which the contract provides for the presence of a TMG representative so there is no additional charge to the Association.

Executive meeting no items on agenda

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.