January 26, 2012

Other members present:
Jon Bennett, Director
Gary Moore, Director
Absent with notice: Duane Vincent, Secretary/Treasurer

Vacant-5th Director board position

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Carol Ivey, President

Homeowners attended and questions were asked about TMG billings above contracted amount, share of fines and late fees, liens filed or not and who files them, cheaper ways to file a lien, inspections schedule, homeowner driven complaints, collections, uncollected assessments, sidewalks, and tree removal.  Many questions need to be answered by TMG and homeowner was advised to make the calls.

Reading of the Minutes for December 1, 2011 were waived.  The Minutes were accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s report read and accepted as follows:

Our balances include monies that have been collected as advance payments by homeowners through DECEMBER 31, 2011.


Our US Bank Money Market Restricted Reserve Fund has $ 160,354.54 as of DECEMBER 31, 2011.

The ending balance of Clearmeadows Community Association operations checking account with US Bank was $ 54,067.05 as of DECEMBER 31, 2011.

Duane L. Vincent

ARC Committee report-Carol

2209 SE 179th Ave.  Fence extended, approved.


Delinquent Accounts reports from Columbia Collections reviewed.
Amount turned over $15,304.72 and collected amount $125.00.

Collection Agency presentation will be provided at the March 1 meeting so the treasurer may attend. Overdue accounts will be held until Board decisions on what agency or attorney will be providing collection services.

TMG has provided a Relief Waiver form which the board approves.  The purpose is to provide consistent and necessary information and for efficient filing in the TMG records fines and fees relief.

TMG has provided and Board has signed a collection and late fee resolution to extend the grace period for late fees. This resolution will be mailed to all homeowners along with updated helpful information for homeowners in March.

Discussion held regarding proposed content of this letter or newsletter with an eye to costs and information needed.  The good homeowner’s guidelines and resolution and information on homeowner responsibilities regarding their side of the Association fence to be included.

The news letter and selling advertising to defray costs were discussed.  All in favor but time demands precluded any firm plans. Subject  tabled for further discussion.

Maintenance and repairs:

Tree removal: Carol picked up the permit and Pacific Landscape the removed the four dead trees on 176th and 20th.  This is paid from the Restricted Reserve account.

Sidewalk Committee: Randy of the city will call to meet with the Sidewalk Committee for specific plans on the sidewalk problems between the HP fence north to the corner of SE 20th street and 176th Avenue to be scheduled for 2012.

Bark dust proposal:  tabled for March 1 meeting to get more information from Pacific Landscape regarding the size and placement of the bark proposed at a cost of $1,470.00.

Fence Repair:  the fence outside 17618 20th street was repaired for $92.87.  Details of repairs are not available.  Discussion and opinion that it would be best, if possible, to have a board member review needed repairs reported by homeowners prior to having TMG order the repairs being done. There are several lower horizontal boards off right now.  One is missing.

New business:

Carol will be reimbursed for the $5.00 tree permit.

Duane has spent well over $10 a year on ink, paper, envelopes, and miscellaneous hardware for minor repairs, and stamps. Board approves reimbursing him $40.00.

Debra Hentz a Board member at Heritage would like to get Fisher’s Landing Neighborhood association started again as neighborhood associations are recognized by the city and there are benefits given to them such as grant funds for traffic revisions, leaf disposal, etc.  Is anyone interested from Clearmeadows on joining her to activate the Neighborhood Association again?

Executive meeting convened at 7:50 pm.

Board came out of executive meeting at 8:22.  Motions made, passed regarding decisions on homeowner confidential requests, and TMG will be advised of decisions and action items.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm