Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM by Carol Ivey, President

Other members present:

Duane Vincent, Secretary/Treasurer
Gary Moore, Director
Jon Bennett, Director
Vacant-5th Director board position

Also present: TMG manager Lynda Dulong 

Board adjourned to closed executive meeting.

Board came out of executive meeting at 6:00.  Decisions were made on hardship requests, fines revision requests, and payment plans proposed.

Homeowner’s annual meeting convened at 6:15 with recording of proxies and homeowners attending.

Meeting called to order at 6:30.

78 homeowners were represented which did not represent a quorum needed of 209.

Homeowners questions and concerns were heard and responded to, action items noted.

Some of the topics of interest were the fees assessment, sidewalks needing repair, both homeowners’ and community, roaming cats, landscape not meeting standards, homeowners responsibility regarding the community fence on their property line, reserve study, city park not being watered this year, etc.

The budget was approved by the board at the July meeting and ratified at this meeting per CCR provisions.

Another attempt to get quorum an annual meeting is required by the CCR’s and will be held at 6:15, Wednesday, October 26 and the fire station #9 is available and has been reserved.

TMG property manager, Lynda Dulong, provided information to the homeowners that it costs the association about $500 to send out meeting notices so it would save costs if homeowners would provide proxies to TMG by e-mail, or giving to a board member, or mailing to TMG in order to have a vote on the three positions available.  Jon Bennet and Gary Moore have been nominated and are willing to serve.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm