AUGUST 18, 2009

Meeting called to order at 6:30.

 Attending:  Bea Weimer, Becky Smith, and Carol Ivey.  Duane Vincent absent.

 Minutes of July meeting: Motion made and seconded that reading be waived and minutes accepted.

 Treasurer report submitted by Duane: Motion made and seconded that reading be waived and report accepted.

 Architectural requests granted:

17810 SE 20th Way-black trim paint

18214 SE 22nd Street-shed

18513 SE 24th Circle paint

17717 SE 21st  Roof

2408 SE 183rd Loop Fence

17906 SE 24th St- air conditioner placement

2406 SE 179th Ct Shed

2203 SE 177th Ave. fence

18513 SE 24th Circle paint


A favorable offer was presented by insurance company and accepted by the board and the claim is now closed.


Officers approved Board appointments as follows:

President-Bea Weimer

Vice President- Carol Ivey

Treasurer-Duane Vincent

Secretary-Becky Smith


Introductory letter proposed by TMG.  Discussion regarding revisions letter including that Clearmeadows Web site will remain in effect and linked to the Management Group September 1 as part of transition.

A resolution to provide for a fine for homeowners who fail to submit an architectural approval request form prior to doing revisions was discussed.

The bench in the pocket park was vandalized and board member volunteered to make repairs.

Proposal from Pacific Landscape for removal of five dead trees on SE  20th Street was discussed and further investigation will be done.

OPEN FORUM, homeowner questions regarding meeting notice

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.