Minutes of meeting May 21, 2009


The board meeting was called to order by Vice President Bea Weimer at 6:30pm.  Also in attendance were board members Duane Vincent and Carol Ivey. 

Minutes of April 22. 2009 meeting that had been posted as a draft on the website were approved.  The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

A homeowner asked about construction methods for a side fence.  A discussion ensued on side fences.  Further discussion was held regarding repair methods vs. a complete replacement of the cedar fence.  The board is investigating all possibilities. 

A homeowner asked about one home with tall and unkempt grass.  Discussion on the general subject of tall/unkempt grass was held.  The board is aware of the home(s) under discussion, and the board is addressing the problems. 

Motion made and approved for Kappes Miller to write letters to homeowners where rental is suspected. 

Motion made and approved for Kappes Miller to check on the legality of fines against owners of rental properties. 

B304 approved for fence replacement.

C109 approved for painting.

A257 approved for painting and new shed. 

Motion made and approved to pay $3479.60 as progress payment on fence repair and painting contract. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. 

Duane Vincent

Treasurer and member of the Clearmeadows board