Minutes of meeting April 22, 2009


The board meeting was called to order by Vice President Bea Weimer at 6:30pm.  Also in attendance were board members Duane Vincent and Carol Ivey. 

Minutes of March 19. 2009 meeting that had been posted as a draft on the website were approved.  The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

Website changes were discussed and approved upon analysis of what is the purpose and value of the Clearmeadows Web site including efficient communication with the manager and providing information for home owners. 

The annual audit for Clearmeadows for 2008 is in progress.   

No homeowners have stepped forward to volunteer for serving on the Clearmeadows board. 

Renewal of our Certificate of Deposit for another three months was approved. 

The annual contract with the landscapers was approved at a monthly cost of $975.00 plus tax.  Our annual insurance contract was approved at $5232.00 per year, with the amount fixed for a period of three years. 

Kappes Miller will attempt to call Duane Vincent to shut off the irrigation system in the event of breakage during night and weekend hours.  This will save us money by permitting repairs to be done during normal business hours. 

Fence progress: all is ready for when the weather is right for power washing, dirt removal, and irrigation coordination. 

Inspection report-about 60 homeowners received letters indicating attention needed regarding siding, chimney siding, gutters, refuse containers in view of the street, trailers, and motorcycles stored in driveway. A deadline of July 6 was given for resolving the siding issues.  Several homeowner e-mails went to KM asking for clarification or to say they had done as asked.  Advance notice was provided for homeowners' convenience.

One e-mail objected to a letter going out before it was the time of year for work such as cleaning siding to be done. The advance notice had been provided for the homeowners' convenience. 

Irrigation was discussed: shut off valves have been located, damaged heads noted, plans are to get together with landscape company to see if some heads need to be replaced or capped once the fence project is finished.

Duane Vincent plans a meeting for May 1 with Kappes Miller to review insurance claim details.  

With regard to tree replacement proposal, trees need to be checked this summer on

SE 20th and SE 176th and advice sought regarding replacing, pruning, or treating.  

One appeal from a homeowner regarding the $23.50 letter fee by Kappes Miller was denied, since this is a direct cost charged to the homeowner for writing the collection letter. 

The board went into executive session to discuss homeowner problems that would violate privacy if discussed publicly. 

Duane Vincent

Treasurer and member of the Clearmeadows board