Minutes of meeting February 19, 2009


The board meeting was called to order by Vice President Bea Weimer at 6:30pm.  Also in attendance were board members Duane Vincent and Carol Ivey. 

Minutes of January 21. 2009 meeting were read and approved.  The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

Discussion was held regarding insurance claim.   Mike Swanson from Kappes Miller joined in the discussion.  Carol and Duane will travel to Kappes Miller to examine records with Mike. 

Discussion was held regarding collection procedures.  A meeting will be set up with an attorney to discuss the matter. 

Notification of board vacancies is to go out with the next quarterly billing.  Also notification will be made to homeowners to remove vegetation and dirt against the common fence.  The side of the fence facing away from the homeowner’s property will be painted.  Painting the side of the fence facing the homeowner’s property with the current color is the homeowner’s responsibility. 

Carol has met with the Vancouver parks crew manager and they will be trimming trees in the city park to facilitate the painting project. 

Chris Leedle has resigned from the board during the month of January.  There are now two vacancies, since Monte Silliman resigned in December. 

Private drives -  maintenance responsibility is that of the homeowners association.   

Carol Ivey made recommendations about irrigation and replacing plants with drought resistant plants.  She will consult with Pacific Landscape to see about irrigation issues.  Mike Swanson can ask Pacific Landscaping about cutting back bushes against the fence to allow painting this spring.  One homeowner commented that the wrong kind of trees had been planted by the developer and that the roots were very shallow.  Another homeowner mentioned that he had J’s landscaping cut the tree root and put in a barrier to keep the roots from growing under the sidewalk again.  The cost was $150 plus tax. 

Tree wells on SE 20th need attention prior to fence painting.  The board declined to have bark dust placed on common vegetation areas. 

Homeowner comments were invited. They including complaints of Christmas tree lights still up on some homes, how the process of getting compliance works, and web site maintenance. 

Because of the upcoming change in yearly Clearmeadows dues, a homeowner asked what the board was doing to limit costs. Some of those items are: did not accept a proposal to do preventative spray or bark dust, getting competitive bids on tree removal for diseased trees in community areas, eliminated holiday events in the park, and closed the storage unit. 

The board adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm and went into executive session to discuss a hardship request by a homeowner. 

Duane Vincent – acting as Secretary for the meeting

Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors