Minutes of meeting January 21, 2009 

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by VP Bea Weimer.  Duane Vincent & Carol Ivey were in attendance; Chris Leedle was absent.          

Minutes of previous meeting were approved with the following changes: 

Date of $300 dues increase will be effective January 2010. 

The lawn treatment of pocket park by the landscaping company was disapproved. 

The Treasurer’s report was approved. 

A discussion of the pending insurance claim was made. 

Monte Silliman has resigned from the board.  Bryan  Murdock and Brian Legate have expressed an interest in joining the board.  Nothing was decided at the January board meeting.  The board will solicit homeowner interest in becoming a member of the board. 

Motion made and approved to approve the budget as submitted by Kappes Miller. 

It was decided by the board to pay 80% of the current fence repair bill; the remainder to be paid upon successful completion of this phase of the fence repair project. 

There was an emergency removal of a tree in the pocket park.  No bill for this service has yet been received by the board. 

Motion made, seconded and approved for Treasurer Duane Vincent to pay the five year fee for the Clearmeadows web domain and submit the bill to Kappes Miller for reimbursement. 

The Clearmeadows website will be updated with a homeowners’ violation report form in the near future. 

The board emphasized that minutes must be approved prior to posting on the website. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:18pm. 

Duane Vincent  acting as Secretary for the meeting