Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 12, 2008 

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Bea Weimer @ 6:30 p.m.


Minutes of the 10/22/08 were approved with reading waived.   

No treasurer’s report as Treasurer Duane Vincent was absent. 


Fence – Brad Remsing, owner of A1 Retrofit, LLC made a presentation to the board per the board’s request regarding completion of common area fence repairs plus power-washing and painting of the entire common area fences.  After completing his presentation and answering the board’s question Brad left the meeting. 

MOTION: a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to contract with A1 Retrofit, LLC for the completion of fence repairs, which are to be completed – pending the lack of severally inclement weather – prior to calendar year-end, 12/31/08 and power-washing and completely repainting the common area fences as soon as weather permits in the Spring of 2009.


Pending Insurance Claim – the board discussed the pending insurance claim to recoup funds which it believes were fraudulently paid.  After discussing the protracted claim process that has been on-going for over 1 year a decision was made per the following motion: 

MOTION:  a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to appoint former board member Lori Gibson to chair a committee of two (2) which included current board member Carol Ivey authorization to communicate on the Association’s behalf for all insurance recovery efforts.  Furthermore, the insurance committee and Lori Gibson, specifically, is authorized to recover all data, including bank checks from as far back as the Insurance Fraud Investigator will allow recovery.


ARC Review & Decision

C143 approved for HDTV Sat dish installation   

B 343 approved for storage shed  

Tree Replacement – Director Carol Ivey met with 2 nurserymen regarding solutions to dead and dying trees along SE 176th Ave and SE 20th St.


Budget – Board briefly discussed the 2009 budget.  Carol had some questions and agreed to contact KM representative Mike Swanson for answers/clarification.  No action was taken. 


Reimbursement – Board approved reimbursement to Director Bea Weimer for a roll of stamps, $41.75, to be used by the board for business mail.  

The meeting closed at 9:00 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Monte Silliman/s


Clearmeadows Community Association