Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 18, 2008

Meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:35 p.m.

Minutes of the 5/21/08 were approved with reading waived.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Status of the insurance claim:

Repair and painting the perimeter fence: Fence Committee (FC) member Don Maynard presented a Request for Proposal the committee has prepared to be reviewed by the board prior to its release.

Sign sandblasting: Duane was asked the status of getting the signs done. A $700 deposit was authorized and sent to the contractor at the April meeting.

Portable shades and other event treasures: it was moved, seconded and approved to donate the non-record contents of the CCA storage unit to the Fisher’s Landing Elementary School PTA in exchange for a record clearly stating the CCA could borrow the shades if needed in the future.

Rebecca Every’s son – scouting project: it was moved, seconded and approved to allow Ms. Every’s son to plant a tree in the Pocket Park (PP) as part of his scouting project.


ARC Requests and Hardship Requests:

It was decided that the board will review all ARC requests at its regular meetings and make note of the approvals and declines in the meeting minutes.

Actions: P. Ma: yes on siding; no on lean-to

J. Sprague: postponed pending clarification

H. Yung: extend fence request – OK with concurrence of neighbors

D. Smith: approved

L. Cline: approved

C. Madden: approved

Pirulo: approved

K. McGranahan: approved

H. Kelley: OK without approval – repainting original colors


L. Kim Tran: no

Armitrout: yes


Lori Gibson resigned from the board effective immediately.

The meeting closed at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Monte Silliman/s


Clearmeadows Community Association