Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

January 17, 2008 

Meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:35p.m.


Minutes were read and approved. 

Treasurer’s report was read. 

KM Representative Mike Swanson had no additional financial information to report.

Treasurer Duane Vincent reported he had just received a complete copy of the 12/31/07 financial statement from KM.  Since the board had not had time to read the report no action was taken.


Old Business 

Electric Bill: Mike Swanson addressed the request from the HOA meeting regarding whether or not the Association had been over-billed for electricity.


Pacific Landscaping:  Mike also reported on charges that had been questioned at the last meeting as possibly over-billings.  He talked to Pacific Landscaping and determined the Association had not been previously billed for May ’07 sprinkler repairs and tree replacement.


Sign Lighting:  Duane checked out the situation with the lighting.  Further information reported under “New Business”. 

Insurance:  Mike and Chris had both been in touch with the Association’s insurer regarding possible recovery for missing funds from the previous management company.


Legal:  While agreement to initiate legal action against the previous management company was approved by the board at the November 28, 2007 meeting preliminary discussions with Vial Fotheringham LLP (attorneys) indicate that it will not be cost-effective to pursue legal action unless damages exceed $30,000.


Fence:  Member Brian Legate asked for an update regarding repairs/replacement of the community fences.


New Business 

Signs:  Treasurer Duane Vincent read the proposal the Association has received from Vancouver Granite to sandblast the lettering into the 2 small entrance signs on 176th Avenue and the larger sign at the corner of 176th Avenue and 20th Street.


MOTION:  A motion was made and seconded (Monte and Chris) to approve the contract with Vancouver Granite per their proposal.


Member Dave Westom suggested the board check into the cost of re-blasting and color replacement for future reference. 

Resolutions & Guidelines:  the board approved the acceptance of 6 documents regarding:


These documents will be posted to the Associations’ website as soon as possible. 

Annual Meeting:  the annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, 2008 and the Fire Station on 15th Street.


Everyone was reminded that we need 209 member proxies to hold a valid election. 

A newsletter is scheduled to be mailed shortly which includes an article explaining the by-laws require over 50% of the members (homeowners) to be present or submit proxies. 

Chris closed the meeting at 8:00 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Monte Silliman/s


Clearmeadows Community Association