Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 28, 2007 

Meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:34 p.m. 

Minutes were read and approved. 

Treasurer’s report (attached) was read. 

Financial report was reviewed by KM Representative Mike Swanson. 


Director Lori Gibson questioned the landscaping charges. 


President Chris Leedle reiterated the problems with rebuilding the HOA’s records.


Lori said she’d spoken with a Pacific Landscape Management representative and there remains a discrepancy about the fees owed and paid.


Director Bea Weimer questioned a previous water payment made to the City of Vancouver.


Approximately 25 homeowners attended the meeting, some primarily to vote in the annual election.


It was determined a second mailing/newsletter will be sent out clarifying the need for homeowners to attend the Annual Meeting or send in their proxies so a quorum can be reached and a vote validated. 

Old Business:

  1. Fee Review: Mike explained the $23.50 increase (to $28.50) for late payments.
  2. Signage: Duane updated the board on the status of the damaged signs.  Duane hasn’t been able to address alternative sign options yet but hopes to do so prior to the next board meeting in January 2008.
    1. Chris will email Mike Swanson the contact name of a company who recently replaced/repaired signage for his employer.
  3. Sign lighting: several sign lights are out or missing.  Duane agreed to look at the signs and see what the situation is.
    1. Tom Wait advised the board that new fixtures, if needed, could be ordered from a company whose name he will forward to Duane.
  4. Outgoing emails from board members: Bryan Murdock, Webmaster, has not yet come up with a solution other than for each board member to establish a separate email address from which to reply to homeowner inquires.
    1. It was determined it is probably easier to forward the board’s recommendations for replies to Kappes Miller who would then respond to the individual homeowners.
  5. Code Enforcement Committee: met but did not come forward with specific recommendations. 
    1. Further work is needed.
    2. Several homeowners and board members recommended that the basic information such as cars on roadways, trash cans in view, and tree limbs blocking sidewalks need to be addressed now.
      1. No decision was reached.
    3. Several homeowners questioned why violators, especially habitual violators have not been fined.
      1. Discussion followed.
      2. Motion was made by Chris Leedle that 14 days after a complaint/letter is sent by Kappes Miller of a CC&R violation if the violator did not correct and notify KM of the correction – after which a confirmation would be obtained – a fee would be assessed per the fee schedule and fees would continue to be assessed every 14 days thereafter until such time as the violation had been corrected and confirmed.
        1. Motion was seconded by Bea Weimer
        2. Unanimously approved.

Duane Vincent made a motion that funds currently held with Bank of the West in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) be transferred upon their maturity date (December 2007) to a financial institution to be determined by KM into a new CD.


Duane Vincent made a motion that a claim be filed with the HOA’s insurance carrier, through KM, for recovery of what appear to be misappropriated funds.


The board members (Chris, Duane and Lori) that were involved in a conference call with A E Hudspeth & Co (CPA) summarized their meeting for the board. 

Motion was made by Lori Gibson and seconded by Duane Vincent to initiate an Executive Meeting with an attorney to review options for pursuing legal action against the HOA’s former management company.


Chris closed the meeting at 8:50 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Monte Silliman/s


Clearmeadows Community Association