Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 10, 2007 

Meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:30 p.m. 

Minutes were read and approved. 

Treasurer’s report (attached) was read. 

Director Lori Gibson made a motion that the Treasurer or designated Board Member receives duplicate bank statements for all accounts monthly.


President Chris Leedle will follow up with Mike Swanson/Kappes Miller to find out why the board did not receive a financial report and why Mike did not attend the meeting. 

A homeowner/member expressed concern about the potential cost of duplicate checks and bank records promptly.


Discussion of the fence situation followed.  It was explained to the members that the board had postponed fence discussion for the past 2 months while it worked through the search and contracting a new management company.  TRW contractor Tom Waits was in the audience and clarified some issues for the board and members.  Among other things Mr. Waits explained that he’d provided 3 copies of his bid in the past and would, at President Chris Leedle’s request, provide a 4th copy at the next board meeting.   

He verified he had never received a written contract for the work done on phases 1, 2 or 3.  He said he’d been asked to replace top rails, exterior bottom rails and slats on as “as needed” basis. 

A homeowner/member recommended the $27M Certificate of Deposit (CD) be used to continue the repairs.  The members discussed the pros and cons of spending money to paint the exterior of the fence this fall or waiting until spring to do it right.  Ultimately it was decided that the association would postpone further painting and repairs until the spring of 2008 when the weather will be better and more predictable. 

It was recommended that an article be included in the newsletter so the 400 homeowner/members not represented at the board meeting would know what was going on.   

A HO/member brought up the issue of discrepancies in the Code Enforcement Committee (CEC) reports and letters issues by Kappes Miller.  Discussion followed.  The board will work with Kappes Miller to clarify the covenants that are being followed and the subjectivity is reduced from the recommended violations/fines.   

Director Lori Gibson made a motion to hire an independent code enforcement person or company.  It was seconded by Treasurer Duane Vincent and approved by a vote of 3 – 2 with Directors Bea Weimer and Monte Silliman voting against it. 

A HO/member questioned whether Kappes Miller had the authority to raise the late fee?  Discussion followed.  The President Chris Leedle and Treasurer Duane Vincent agreed to discuss this issue with the management company (K M) and report back at the November meeting. 

A HO/member brought up the missing letters on the 176th Street signage.  Discussion followed about the cost of continued replacement.  Alternative solutions will be sought. 

A discussion followed regarding board replies to HO/member inquires going out identifying board members’ personal email addresses.  Bryan Murdock, Webmaster, thinks he can find an acceptable solution and will report back at the November board meeting. 

HO/members Kellie Morgan, Carol Ivey and Dawn Tolotti agreed to review the CCRs for exteriors and yards and make a recommendation to the board at the November meeting. 

The November meeting will be the 1st Wednesday, (11/7/07) to accommodate 2 board members who will be out of town. 

A HO/member suggested that an option be set up for HO/members to receive notices, newsletters, etc. electronically.  A short discussion followed.  No decision was made. 

The meeting was closed at 9:12 p.m.