Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2007

15th Street Fire Station 

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:30 p.m. 

Those in attendance were Duane Vincent, Treasurer, Monte Silliman, Secretary, Bea Weimer, Vice President, Lori Gibson, Director, plus homeowner/association members Paul Gibson, Carol Ivey, Kim Codino, David Smith, John Hartney and Bryan Murdock.


Also in attendance was Brett Shockey, General Manager of Kappes Miller Management, the association’s new management company.



Minutes of the 8/8/07 meeting were read and approved. 

The was no presentation of financial information for August because Kappes Miller has not yet received all the information from NW Management Exclusive/Ed Arevalo and consequently has not completed an audit. 

Treasurer Duane Vincent reported the association had $24,976.79 in non-restricted funds as of 8/1/07.  


Motion was made and approved to reimburse Treasurer Duane Vincent for the cost of re-securing a post office box at the Fred Meyer center on 164th Ave and 20th St. 

Director Lori Gibson brought up a discrepancy in Duane’s beginning reported unrestricted fund balance and the last balance provided by NWME/Ed Arevalo.  Further discussion was tabled until Kappes Miller has time to complete an audit. 

Motion was made by President Chris Leedle for the Board to contract with Kappes Miller to complete an audit of the Association from August 1, 2004 through August 1, 2007 of the financial accounting and bank records.


Brett Shockey (Kappes Miller) reported on what information the Association had received from NWME/Ed Arevalo:

Brett recommended that legal action be initiated to retrieve the missing records. 

Motion was made by Monte Silliman, Secretary, and seconded by Chris Leedle, President, that before an audit was initiated (revises the earlier motion) Kappes Miller is to contract with an attorney to issue a demand letter to NW Management Exclusive/Ed Arevalo to turn over all financial information.  Furthermore if the demand letter does not yield complete results within 10 business days a civil lawsuit is to be initiated and criminal action recommended.



Treasurer Duane Vincent presented several resolutions for approval by the board.


A discussion of upcoming elections followed.  Director Lori Gibson committed to preparing a letter to be sent to all homeowners/Association members soliciting names for nomination.  [Bryan Murdock’s suggestion.] 

Lori also committed to producing 1 quarterly Association Newsletter in which the board will solicit homeowners/members for a paid position publishing the Quarterly Newsletter. 

The Architectural Committee (ARC) reviewed the multiple requests they’d approved as well as 1 they’d denied to Jack Sprague and had sent back asking for additional information. 

A Code Enforcement Committee (CEC) is being formed.  

Neighborhood map will be sectioned off, scanned and forwarded to Kappes Miller by Bea Weimer.


After a brief discussion Bryan Murdock agreed to maintain the Association’s website.


An Executive Board meeting will follow the regular board meeting to address issues with a homeowner/member. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. by President Chris Leedle. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Monte Silliman