Clearmeadows Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 8, 2007

15th Street Fire Station 

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Leedle at 6:30 p.m. 

Those in attendance were Duane Vincent, Treasurer, Monte Silliman, Secretary, Bea Weimer, Vice President, Lori Gibson, Director, plus homeowner/association members Dave & Susanne Westom, Kim Kadema, Carol Ivey, John Weimer, Paul Gibson and Joanne Powell. 

Motion: Duane Vincent made a motion for approval of the July 11, 2007 meeting minutes subject to a correction of the 7th paragraph where it had been stated that all the Management Companies (MC) contacted were located in Oregon.  In fact, Lori Gibson had reported that Kappes Miller was a Washington based company headquartered in Bellevue but that their local office was in Portland.  Lori seconded the amended motion and it was approved. 

Reading and discussion of the July Financial report and Community Report were tabled since Ed Arevalo did not attend. 

Fence: Joanne Powell has not met with Carol Ivey yet and has not sent Requests For Proposals (RFP) out for bids for completion of the repairs and painting of the fence.  To the best of the boards’ knowledge there were never any actual contracts submitted for the repairs already completed.  Though Ed was asked on several occasions over the past 3 months for a copy of the contract none was ever furnished. 


It was decided that there would be no decisions made on completing the fence repairs for 60 days allowing the board to get a new management company in place.

[Motion was made by Bea Weimer and seconded by Duane Vincent.  Approved unanimously.]


Motion: Lori Gibson made a motion to retain an attorney to pursue legal action to compel Ed Arevalo and his company, NW Management Exclusive, to turn over all documentation regarding the Clearmeadows Community Association and possibly the fence contractor.   

Heated discussion took place as to the benefits that could be expected vs. the costs.  While John Weimer was adamant in his defense of Ed Arevalo, critical of the email demands of Ed by Lori Gibson and confidence that the records would be turned over on the final day of NW Management Exclusive’s contract (August 24, 2007) others, including Chris Leedle, Joanne Powell, Lori Gibson, Duane Vincent and Dave Westom were direct in their assessment of Ed’s lack of responsiveness and skepticism of his ability to produce the documentation.


Monte Silliman suggested that Lori contact the State Attorney General’s office to see what course of action they suggested prior to contacting an attorney.  Carol Ivey and Dave Westom further suggested that there were additional steps that could take place including contacting the City for guidance, The Columbian (newspaper) for investigation and/or a Homeowners’ Association management office. 

Lori agreed to make a few calls to governing entities (State, City) for guidance and details prior to engaging an attorney. 

Duane Vincent seconded Lori’s motion and it passed. 

Motion: Lori made a motion that Ed Arevalo be immediately removed as a signer of all the association’s bank accounts and that the President, Vice President and Treasurer to authorized to sign checks.  Furthermore Ed is to be removed as an authorized person for electronic transfers and payments.  The exact text of the motion is included in these minutes. 

Chris Leedle seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. 

Duane Vincent agreed to get the paperwork in order including excerpts of these meeting Minutes to enable those designated to get the signers recognized by Bank of the West and Ed removed.

Motion made and seconded that accounts of CLEARMEADOWS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION on deposit at BANK OF THE WEST have the signatures updated to reflect the following:


All current signatories to these accounts are hereby deleted and that Chris Leedle, Bea Weimer and Duane Vincent be added as authorized signatories on the accounts.   Two signatures will be required on all instruments (including checks) for CLEARMEADOWS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION from this day forward. 

Motion passed unanimously, with all officers present and voting. 

Management Company contract: President Chris Leedle promised to contact Brett @ Kappes-Miller about a management contract and have their answers to the questions previously posed at the Executive Board Meeting of July 26, 2007 back to the board members by Monday, August 13, 2007 via email.


Motion: Duane Vincent made a motion and Lori Gibson seconded it to establish a Clearmeadows Community Association mailbox at the Postal Annex on SE 164th Street.


The motion passed unanimously. The exact text of the motion is included in these minutes. 

Motion made and seconded that a private mail box be established at 

Postal Annex

PMB 268

16420 SE McGillivary, Suite 103

Vancouver, WA  98683-3461

                                                                                                                                            and that a change of address for Clearmeadows Community Association be filed with the United States Post Office, authorizing mail that is now delivered at NW Management’s address be forwarded to our new mailbox.  

Motion passed unanimously, with all officers present and voting. 

Carol Ivey brought up questions about the storage space being leased.  Duane reviewed what he’d found there, primarily old records and items used at previous 4th of July and Easter festivities.   

Carol Ivey also asked Bea Weimer about the correct procedure to have the association’s mail redirected to our own mailbox instead of Ed’s. 

When Lori Gibson has gone by Ed’s office it appears nearly empty and it has been noted his home is listed ‘For Sale’. 

It was determined that a letter would need to be sent to every association home owner notifying them of the new management company once we’ve contracted with one. 

It was suggested by Dave Westom that the website be updated also to reflect the new company, include the newsletters and allow forwarding Architectural Requests via email.


The meeting ended at 8:40 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Monte Silliman