Board of Directors Meeting

Fisher’s Landing Assisted Living Facility

Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 6:00 PM



Call To Order

President Bea Weimer called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes for July and August were approved unanimously. 

Community Report

  • Melissa Waits explained that several letters and fines were being sent for lack of lawncare, parking and house maintenance.
  • The majority of the Board agreed that fines should be sent out to owners that have brown lawns.
  • Ed Arevalo presented the proposed 2007 Budget; the Board reviewed and made a few changes.  It was agreed to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Old Business

There was no old business. 

New Business

Arch Requests – The Board reviewed the arch requests and approved.

Fence – The Board agreed to hire The Fenceman to complete the fence repair along the large Clearmeadows Park.  If the Board approves the work and cost then they will use the contractor for the completion of all the common area fence repairs.  It was also agreed that the Board would not spend more than $30,000.00 for the fence repair and painting.

Metal Signs – The topic was not discussed.

Replacement Plants and Bark Dust – Melissa stated that she is obtaining bids from Mike Rice at Pacific Landscape. 

Open Forum

Several owners from Clearmeadows was present at the Board Meeting.

One owner in attendance requested his 2nd Basketball Fine be removed and the Board unanimously agreed that the fine would remain on the owners account.

The Board of Directors also denied a request from an owner for a variance to rent their home.  This owner will continue to accrue fine charges every 2 weeks until they are in compliance.  


The Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.