Annual Meeting

October 12, 2005

Fisher’s Landing Transit Center 

Directors Present:

Marc Jones   President

Melissa Waits  Vice President

Bea Weimer  Treasurer 

Call to Order:  

Marc Jones called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. 

Minutes from October 2004 Meeting: 

The minutes were approved as presented. 

Presidents Report:

Marc Jones detailed the items completed in 2005.  The major item was the installation of the new signs.  He noted that in 2006, the Board would focus on improving the landscaping on the corners within the community.  And that the fencing would be repaired and touch-up would be done. 

Landscaping Report:

J’s reported that the entrance signs were complete.  Jay noted that there were irrigation repairs complete and that they are replacing several plants and bushes that have not survived. 

Financial Report/ Issues:  Ed Aravelo reviewed the 2006 budget with the membership. The budget was approved as presented.  Ed also noted that the results of the basketball hoop survey was 72 NO, 43 YES.  The Board agreed to not pursue the issue any further. 

President Marc Jones asked the membership present if anyone had concern regarding the social line item of the budget.  There was no opposition from the floor. 

New Business:

Nominations for 2006 Board positions were brought to the floor by President Marc Jones

The following homeowner’s placed their name in nomination for Board membership to fill the 3 open Board positions: 

Chris Leedle, Tiffany Mendez and Marc Jones. 

The Board of Directors unanimously agreed to elect the 3 individuals to the 3 open Board positions and the Board agreed to appoint these individuals to fulfill the rest of 2005 as well.   

Open Forum: 

One owner had concern regarding the dirt against the fence lines.  This will be included in the next newsletter. 

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.