Clearmeadows Homeowner Checklist


ARC = Architectural Review Committee 

    Item Item Standard Meets Standard?
    • No signs are allowed on properties with the exception of a single professionally placed sign advertising the unit for sale.
    • Owner and residing guest vehicles must be parked in units driveway or garage
    Prohibited Vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles, RVs, trailers, utility trailers, campers, camper shells, and boats must be parked in an enclosed garage.
    • No inoperable vehicles may be kept outside enclosed garages.
    Occupants Bound
    • Every owner shall require all occupants of their unit to comply with the Declarations, By-laws and rules.
    • No animals except dogs, cats and other common household pets are permitted.
    • No more than 2 pets per unit.
    • Barking dogs?  Call Animal Control, 397-2488
    Quiet Enjoyment
    • Nothing shall be kept on the properties that will emit foul or obnoxious odor or that will cause any noise or other condition that might disturb the peace, quite, safety, comfort or serenity of occupants of surrounding units.
    • Barking dogs?  Call Animal Control, 397-2488
    Unsightly or Unkempt Conditions
    • Each unit owner is responsible to prevent any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly or unkempt conditions on their unit.
    Basketball Hoop
    • All backboards and basketball hoops must be screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring units
    • Garbage Cans
    • Garbage, recycle and yard waste bins must concealed from view of neighboring units except from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening – “Trash Day”
    • All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be stored in appropriate containers and not allowed to accumulate on a units’ property.
    Paint & Trim 

    Storage Tanks

    • Unit paint and trim must be kept in good condition.
    • Repainting in original colors in permitted.
    • Non-original color selections must be approved by the ARC before work is begun.
    • No onsite storage of fuels allowed with the exception of gasoline for normal yard equipment use and propane for barbecues and outdoor heaters.
      • Limited to 5 gallons of each
    • Storage tanks must be concealed from view of neighboring units
    • Street Trees
    • Homeowner is responsible to trim trees to 8 feet (height) above the sidewalk for pedestrian safety.
    • No street tree removal without Board approval
      • Must be replaced in accordance with CC&Rs
      • Costs to be borne by homeowner
      • ARC approval required.
    • All vegetation near sidewalk should be trimmed back from sidewalk for pedestrian safety
    Back Alleys
    • Back alleys should be clear of obstructions and hazards, kept in the same condition as street frontage.
    • Yards must be kept watered, mowed, weeded and trimmed so as to present a pleasant appearance.
      • reference “Unsightly or Unkempt Conditions” above
    Storage Sheds
    • If storage sheds are unscreened from neighboring units views they must be made of wood with siding and roofing material matching the home
    • Setback 5 feet from property line/3 feet from adjoining neighbor
      • ARC approval required
    Air Conditioning Units
    • AC units must be concealed from view of neighboring units
    • No window AC units allowed
    • Should be no higher than 8 feet and be acceptable to neighboring units
      • Disputes will be decided by the ARC
    Hot Tubs
    • Hot tubs must be screened from street view by fence or shrubbery
    • Must be a minimum of 5 feet from property line
    • ARC approval on a case by case basis
    • Wood only and finished side to outside view
    • Solid surface limited to 5 feet in height and cannot extend beyond front of unit.
    • Construction and color require ARC approval
    Picket Fence
    • Wood or ornamental iron fence not over 3.5 feet shall be permitted to extend beyond front of home
      • ARC approval required
    • Must be wood with natural stain unless
      other materials are approved
      • ARC approval required
    • Patios must be concrete, wood, or pavers
      • ARC approval required
    Security Bars
    • Security bars must be the same color as house
    • No security bars on front side of house
    Play Equipment
    • Play equipment must be located a minimum of 5 feet from property line
    • Three feet may be accepted with adjoining homeowner approval
    • Any structure over 10 feet will require an additional foot set back for every foot of height and require ARC approval
    Dog Houses

    Dog Runs

    • Dog houses and dog runs must be hidden from front street view by fence or shrubbery
    • Dog run height must not exceed fence line
    • Must match trim of house.

Violating property address:  ____________________________________________________ 

Comments: _________________________________________________________________ 


Person reporting violation:  ____________________________________________________ 

Address of person reporting violation:  ___________________________________________ 

Contact phone number of person reporting violation:  _______________________________

[The contact information is essential for follow up in the event clarification is necessary.  The person reporting the violation will not be identified without their prior approval.] 

Send completed Violation Notification form to:

Clearmeadows Community Association

c/o Kappes – Miller

P.O. Box 3258

Portland, OR 97208-3258 

The Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions read as follows: (Section XIII, paragraph 2) “The Association, acting through its Board of Directors, shall have authority to make and enforce standards and restrictions governing the use of the Properties, in addition to those contained herein and to impose reasonable user fees for use of Common Area Facilities.”